About Us

Our story

It’s an oft-told tale, but coming from humble roots, we discovered technology early and have worked for some the giants in the industry. But we also have experience with startups, both for-profit and non-profit.

We are called “Forge Point” because that is what we know how to do. When you start in a new country, not understanding the language or the culture, it really is like you are thrown into a furnace and have to learn everything new again.

For many, this is very difficult and we understand that, but if you have the right coaching (and more than a little bit of luck), then you create something that is far better. A hard set of expertise, of passion and of talent. That’s our role, we create a point of excellence for you.

With all that experience, we just want to give back. So that’s what our new mission is. Help folks at the beginning of their lives to those who are in the middle of careers and finally to folks who are ready to give back and create social ventures.

So we’ve been so privileged to have experience across a broad range of companies. From the very largest technology giants in high growth mode, to small startups running in overseas markets to working with established social enterprises and entrepreneurs building the next generation of investment in society.