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Writing is simple even when it is not

Like most things, communications just isn’t that easy. So trying to write something is hard when you don’t know exactly what you want to say. The truth is that really great statements are short and easy to understand. So when you have something important to say, many times, it’s much easier to get the idea down and then just explain it to someone. Then see how they play it back. You will find their summary to be way more valuable. As Pascal once said, “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter”

Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.

Blaise Pascal, Letteres Provinciales, 1657
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

One of the great joys that we have, when we work, is the summarizing of things into the essential ideas. That is so important. Whether this is for a $10M business proposal or simply an email to your professor, being able to write concisely and think concisely is at the core of success.

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